Templates for sales

Templates for sales : do not know what the standard is not yet seo whirring up okay … looks good from afar, is full of functions, unfortunately I do not but shelf cart, then that is good.

Templates blogspot bán hàng đẹp chuẩn SEO 2013

Templates and nice sales SEO blogspot 2013
The function of this blog:
- Display product price, product code quite nice,
- Display tooltip beautiful image zoom
- Optimized for SEO
- It applies breadcrumb
- Commented facebook
- Related Posts
- More suitable to the shop selling clothes, souvenirs …
Generally much, see you on the demo and said okay, since it too long
picture of it here

Templates blogspot bán hàng đẹp chuẩn SEO 2013

DEMO | Down load

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